LCol (Retd) Mark and Marilyn Lilienthal

In 1994, as an Army officer posted from Ottawa to Petawawa, my wife and I found ourselves unable to sell our house. Our agent suggested renting and our 15 year experience with Natalie Geoffrion began.

During this time, except for a brief 11 months when we returned to Ottawa, Natalie looked after our house. By that, I don’t mean that she managed the property but that she cared for it. She and her team carefully selected tenants and kept up the maintenance. To say that she earned our confidence is an understatement–through the many moves over many years, on our return the house was as we had left it, if anything in better condition.

Through my years I’ve known many others in a similar situation, having to trust their houses to a property managers, with no end of horror stories. Our experience was entirely the opposite–I don’t have entertaining stories to tell, only those of quiet and efficient management and painstaking care.

I not only heartily recommend Natalie Geoffrion and Brigadier Management but look to her as the example of what to expect of a property manager.