Rod Black, LCol (Ret)

I have used Natalie’s services on three separate occasions since 2013. Her vast experience, expertise and unique insight into the property market is phenomenal. I completely depend on her knowledge and judgement on all matters of property management. Her sophisticated analysis and outstanding people skills ensures the right tenant/property match every time. I highly recommend Natalie!

Rob & Dianna Horton

We have been with Natalie for over one year. While we have since sold our property, we would like to thank Natalie for her professionalism, support, attention to detail, and outstanding service. With Natalie our house was in good hands, which was essential for our piece of mind as we do not live in the Ottawa area. No matter how big or small our requests were she always handled them with a high level of responsiveness and generosity of spirit. If we re-entered the property investment market, we would, without hesitation, entrust Woodbridge Management again.

Jack Earnshaw & Susan Hawe

We used Natalie’s Services during a posting abroad. Natalie is a consummate professional. She clearly demonstrated thorough knowledge and the requisite skills to perform as a highly capable property manager. Her work ethic and integrity are second to none. She managed our property with the highest care and attention to detail. She kept us informed of any developments or challenges in a timely and concise fashion. She always offered relevant and sound advice, and acted promptly once a course of action had been agreed on. Natalie can be relied upon and trusted. We had strong confidence in her professionalism. We strongly recommend her services.


Anne Buysse & Richard Milot, Colonel (ret)

We have used Natalie’s services for a total of 15 years as we moved about in Canada and abroad serving in the military.

Natalie exemplifies professionnalism. Her deep knowledge, skills and work ethics set her way ahead of other property managers in Ottawa. She managed our properties as if they were her own houses, keeping us well informed and offering timely, pertinent and sound advice. Reliable, trustworthy and personable, we simply were in good hands. We have warmly recommended her agency to several colleagues and friends.


LCol (Retd) Mark and Marilyn Lilienthal

In 1994, as an Army officer posted from Ottawa to Petawawa, my wife and I found ourselves unable to sell our house. Our agent suggested renting and our 15 year experience with Natalie Geoffrion began.

During this time, except for a brief 11 months when we returned to Ottawa, Natalie looked after our house. By that, I don’t mean that she managed the property but that she cared for it. She and her team carefully selected tenants and kept up the maintenance. To say that she earned our confidence is an understatement–through the many moves over many years, on our return the house was as we had left it, if anything in better condition.

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